Income property finances managed efficiently

Introducing Casita, the premier application for the financial management of income properties for landlords, managers and investors.

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Efficient financial management and awesome data reporting

  • List all of your tenants

    Access all the information about your tenants. Send them a payment receipt via email if they wish to receive one. Quickly view if the tenant is up to date with his payments or has fallen behind

  • Expense monitoring

    Enter all your expenses related to you rental properties. Indicate if the expense is attributable to your business itself, a rental property or a specific unit. This will help determine how to categorize expenses for income tax purposes

  • Income/Rent payments

    Mark each rent payment received or any other source of income such as parking spots, laundry, administration fees, etc.

  • Reports

    Generate reports for expenses, income or both to help evaluate the financial stability of your property investments, categorize for income tax purposes and identify delinquent tenants. Produce monthly and yearly reports so you can compare month over month and year over year growth on your investment



Casita gives you even more options to financially manage your properties.


For all expenses, attach a picture of the receipt. Never lose your receipts anymore!

Type of income

Specify the type of income being entered. Track income and revenue per type in reports

Rent payment receipts

Send rent payment receipts via email to your tenants. All you need is their email address and their consent

Month groupings

All your expenses and rent payments/income are grouped by month. Each grouping also shows the total amount for the month.

Expense categories

Categorize your expenses using the same category names as of the Quebec and Canada income tax forms. More jurisdictions will be available soon!


Use Casita's integration of 1Password to securely your credentials (iOS only) and use your fingerprints to securely access your data.



Casita can be downloaded for free but functionality is limited in the free version. Here are the pricing details (in CAD).

  • Free

    • Unlimited income/rent payments and expenses
    • Unlimited reports
    • Maximum: 1 tenant
  • Lite

    $ 5.99 per month
    • Same as Free tier
    • Maximum: 5 tenants
  • Basic

    $ 10.99 per month
    • Same as Lite
    • Maximum: 10 tenants
  • Advanced

    $ 19.99 per month
    • Same as Basic
    • Maximum: 20 tenants
  • Plus

    $ 36.99 per month
    • Same as Advanced
    • Maximum: 40 tenants
  • Premium

    $ 79.99 per month
    • Same as Plus
    • Maximum: 100 tenants
  • Enterprise

    $ 149.99 per month
    • Same as Premium
    • Unlimited tenants


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